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Knee Pain Lateral Side of Right Knee

49 Years Old. Has been achy but never truly painful - only typical weightlifting aches.

Three days ago squatting pain in the outside of the knee which when I shifted the knee more to the outside stopped. My knees were not buckling - but the shift outside made the pain go away. Knee does not hurt to walk. No swelling. Only tweaks of pain when bending the knee and this has begun to subside significantly in the past couple of days.

I was doing 5x5 with 225 - not a ton of weight. It did not happen while squatting - it just hurt while squatting. There has been no "oowie" moment.

Squatting is still uncomfortable - but improving.

At first I thought it was something to do with my lateral meniscus - but that typically presents with swelling, locking, clicking and inability to move or straighten the leg - none of which I have.

Illiotibial band? Knee strain? Ligamentous strain?

Any thoughts?
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