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Re: Physical therapy/Sciatic nerve

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
Yes, if money was no object, and the test's are cheap.

Even if it wasn't through WC, most insurance companies will require you go through a trial of treatment(either meds, or rehab) prior to authorizing it.

Also, most imaging is very overused. They may tell you if it's a herniation, but that's it. If you're not getting surgery, the exact location of the herniation, or whether it's herniated or not, should not matter much during the initial phases of a rehab program.

Would it be nice to have, sure.....but it will not be dictating most rehab programs.
My Physiatrist required it before spinal injections. He has to have the exact location of the herniation to get the injections into the best spot for them to work most effectively. I've been through several rounds of injections over the course of the last 12 or so years, and they have worked wonders for me. Without an MRI, he would be blindly guessing on the best location to inject.

I do agree they are often overused, but they are also often needed. I did not have to go through any rehab program because he was familiar with what I already do, and agreed the PT would not be able to do anything I wasn't already doing.
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