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Piracetam combined with a good choline source.

Im telling you... I came into grad school only able to study 20 minutes before being wiped out... I can now do about 5 hours (with well timed breaks to further improve retention, of course). good, reliable source for piracetam.

I get gpc choline from

Both places, best bang for your buck- at least as far as my research has taken me.

Google nootropics.

I would be suffering something fierce if it wasnt for them. There is a cumulative effect too- I noticed a constant, gradual improvement for up to about a year- and I have plateaued- but I am most definatly fireing on all cylanders (despite my inability to spell, I am AMAZED at what this has done for my ability to memorize and cram!)

Safe stuff too- they gave up trying to find the LD50 for piracetam, nontoxic, and theres lots of good solid research backing it up.
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