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Re: Help From Iraq!!

Dave -

I have no idea how well this would work for you (depends a lot on the nature of your duty right now), but it's melting fat off my thighs - the female version of the same problem you have (wfs) -

I had no problem transitioning into it - only took me 3 days, where I just stretched the fasting period out from overnight to the full 19 hours.

And ... in my feeding window, I get to eat real meals! Full size meals!! At my height (5'1"), trying to do Zone or something of that type means I get about two bites per snack and 3 per meal. Wow - be still my heart

The point of IF is to get your body burning fat stores by not giving it other sources. It works for many people, but not everyone.

HTH - and a hat tip from a Vet to another one serving. Come home safe.
Just remember that when it comes to protecting you from the bad guys, seconds count and the police will be only minutes away.
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