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Dave Williamson
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Help From Iraq!!

Alright Crossfitters, Iím in need of some assistance. I am currently serving in Iraq with the US Army and have just over 3 months left. I just started Crossfit about a month ago and am already seeing some results but I have my wedding just a few months after I get back and I need some major results. My trouble spots are everybodyís trouble spots, those pesky love handles and that little spare tire. Everything else is toning up except these two areas. I know I need to change my diet and have had several suggestions, but I really need someone to dumb it down for me. When and what and how much to eat to maximize toning up that midsection. I have plenty of protein supplements at my disposal and the dining facility here is pretty good about having a variety. If anyone could help me lay out an easy, simple, diet plan to follow, I would be eternally grateful (and so would my Fiancť!) Thanks for the help everyone!

Dave Williamson
US Army
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