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Elliot Royce
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After playing hockey last night, I noticed a soreness in my left pubic area which only got worse over night. It doesn't seem like a sports hernia since I can bend over and stand up pretty easily. I can also raise my knee up without pain. No pain when I squeeze my legs together.

If I do a hip flexor stretch, the pain flares up. Also, when I walk there is pain when I start to bring the leg forward. It doesn't feel, however, like hip flexor tendonitis which I've had before. It's more like an inguinal hernia feeling. Carrying something on that side does make it hurt more. There are no signs of an inguinal hernia.

The pain is localized and I'm suspecting it's where some tendon attaches to the pubis. I put some ice on it last night and take an anti-inflammatory.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?


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