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I found CrossFit while searching the net for information on rehab the day after I separated my shoulder (and I must say that for that reason alone, separating my shoulder might be one of the best things to ever happen to me). It was a grade 2 separation and I dutifully kept it immobilized (as much as possible) for two months as per the doctor’s orders. The two months ended at the beginning of December and ever since then I have been working hard to get my strength back. I started doing pushups on my knees and could only do 5 before I fell to the floor sweating and exhausted. Now I am doing many of the WOD’s scaled down (and getting closer to as rx each week) I can do full pushups very well, I almost have kipping down and I can do 9 strict pull-ups in a go. My range now is not bad, propably better than it was before I injured it. Pulling my arm across my body is the only thing I have noticed that is not as easy as it would be if I had not separated it

My major problem comes with dips and high-rep pushups. Dips are almost impossible; whenever I try one there is an intense pain at the end of my collar bone which is now sticking out slightly. The pain seems to be located in the anterior deltoid where the collar bone sits on (above) the humerus, but when I try to treat trigger points there the pain is not at all mitigated. I have also treated trigger points in the scalenes (which was great for pain in between the shoulder blades) pectoralis major and minor, the biceps, the coracobrachialis (which yielded some results) and the infraspinatus.

Now to my question; is this pain something that I should be worried about? Am I taking the right steps here? Should I just grin and bear it and expect the pain to subside in the coming years? Should I avoid dips all together? Is this a sign of something else that is going to get worse or just not get better? Will our hero ever swing through the streets of Gotham again?

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