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I started getting lower back pains over a year ago, but didn't pay much sense to it and continue lifting. I was out for a couple of weeks, went to the chiro, got some x-rays and as it turns out, I have scoliosis (less than a 20% curvature though), and to my dissapointment, I had acquired a herniated disc (L4/L5).

Unfortunately due to my financial circumstances I was unable to get any therapy. Fortunately my girl at the time was studying to become a PT and helped and guided me with techniques, stretches, and exercises (I also spoke with a few athletic professors at my school). I learned what to do and what not to do and since then I have been pain free at the gym (and only ocassionally some pain when I move a certain way if i don't pay attention). Last time i had pain that took me out for a week was moving a TV down some stairs with my dad (yes very dumb of me!, but went away after a week).

I am extremely interested in doing Crossfit, and finished my first WOD today (Burpees and L-pull ups). My background in gymnastics and weight training really helped in getting it done as prescribed in about an a hour (wow it was intense!)... i'm waiting to see how my back reacts tomorrow morning before deciding on doing the next WOD. I am worried about the cleans and deads, and although I would be going light (100lbs or so), would this still pose a risk worth not taking? and if so, can i still do crossfit and reach my goals:

24, 5'10, 165lbs, approx 12% body fat looking to gain some muscle mass (get my weight up to 170 maybe) but mostly get leaner (but not lose more weight!).

I have already tweaked my diet to reflect zone parameters and will start that shortly...

my concern again are the compound exercises (deads/cleans/squats) with my back...

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