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Re: Affiliate startup?

Originally Posted by Adam Morden View Post
Hi Casey,

great idea to start out slow and grow your box as you grow your coaching and membership. My first affiliate was started for just under 10k and that covered us until I hit 80 members. Sometimes I had to get pretty creative though =) Like Mike said though, the sky's the limit as a start up. my current affiliate, WFS has more than 100k in equipment and misc gear. But that handles 100+ people through the door every day 6 days a week (Sundays are slow only about 40).

The key thing in my experience is to get the best gear you can afford, it's cheaper int he long run.

All the best!
This is why I filled my cart at rogue with what I think I would need. I don't want to go too cheap and have to replace/upgrade because I saw a cheap craigslist barbell.
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