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John Christopher Kleemeier
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WOW. Just had the best workout of my life. Inspired by 300, I went to the local YMCA and worked my butt off. I was doing man makers with 15#ers (first time ever), then worked my way onto the 20#ers. Then, after about ten minutes, this kid who I got into a fight with last year walks into the gym, while I'm going ape poop on this difficult workout. Point is, just seeing this jerk made me train harder and harder, and I think I might've scared the kid a little. I don't hate him, but kinda feel sorry for him b/c he's probably not even gonna make it through high school.

Anyways, enough bantering, I'm going to email everyone I know, and post on myspace like a billion times for people to take the (wo)Man Maker Challenge, because it will change their life.

Ps I almost met Pukie, and my heart hurts, but in a good way.
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