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Ok im at the gym that im the head trainer at (LA Boxing) but anyways i really thought i was in pretty good shape. WOW how wrong i was, i did the sumo deadlift highpulls, withs scores of 15,16,16,14,13,12,12,11 and the squats with scores of 26,24,24,24,23,23,21,24. I also did a two minute break in between the two instead of the recommended 1 minute. But i had to quit i couldnt imagine trying to do one single pull up. And i had a client coming in about 30 minutes later to do some kickboxing training. I thought if i wanted to be able to do that i would have to quit. CrossFit is the greatest thing ever and now i have goals of being able to complete them. That was the hardest 5 minutes of training in my life. And yes that includes fighting in a cage for 5 minutes haha!!

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