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Re: Camille L.

Originally Posted by Richard Colon View Post
So during her row, in which she had to use the monitor to tell when her 20 calories were up, the screen was blank...the idea of 250k, + the level of competition and emotions run high.
Eh, for whatever it's worth, the chances were slim-to-none that she was going to place in the top three, so $250K probably wasn't on her mind. At least, not realistically.

Nonetheless, she is a hell of a competitor, and she wants to do her best. With the monitor shut off, she was facing the possibility of her score not reflecting her actual effort, which she was clearly having a hard time accepting.

Personally, I'd have been pizzed as hell at the judge, but I think the crying was (1) an overreaction and (2) lack of atheletic discipline/focus on her part.

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