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When doing my snatch, I find it much easier to "drop under" the bar as little as possible... ie. to catch it with as little bend in the knees as possible.

I had been trying to force myself to catch it in as low a position as possible in order to train the muscle memory for the heavier weights. I'm currently stuck around the 115lb level, and the problem is mental. An olympic lifting sort recently told me that the only way to train myself out of the fear issue of diving under the bar was to go to a powerlifting gym with a proper floor and rubber plates... where I can get comfortable with failing on a lift. Essentially, that I'm wasting my time trying to train my hesitation out in my own gym.

When I don't try to force myself to catch the bar low, my times for the 30snatch for time workout w/ 95lbs drop dramatically...

So what's the opinion of the board?

Catch the bar in the most efficient position for the weight being used, or always go for a low position catch (as one would have to with a heavy weight)?
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