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Re: Deadlifts: drop or put down?

Originally Posted by Geoff Archibald View Post
The injuries were in a metcon. Our coach has been wary of programming deadlifts in a metcon since, although we did do Rankel last week. I think he now tries to pay special attention to form and keep the volume low.

I don't remember the specific metcon where people were hurt but I think it was over 100 reps of deadlifts at a moderate weight (185 for guys maybe). Might have been 10 rounds of 10 DL and a 200m run. Might have even been a dotcom WOD. It was quite a while ago.
That's a compelling argument for not doing heavy deadlifts in a metcon, but hardly a compelling argument for dropping deadlifts at the top.

I haven't read a single good reason for dropping deadlifts.
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