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Re: Wow really?

Ok, so I listened to Episode #68 of the WodcastPodcast that spelled out what happened with Brick CF. wfs

Maddy Curley, the coach/athlete in question, was not the one responsible for getting them DQ'd. Another female athlete was who was apparently busy with MBA/school and training a bit remotely got them booted when BrickCF could not substantiate that athlete had trained enough for the 50% rule.

Apparently, BrickCF was 5th last year (I didn't see a lot of the Games last year). Apparently BrickCF was a splitoff of another CF gym, where one individual decided to start a gym and Maddy ended up coaching there (and was previously the coach for the BrickCF owner?) She's also worked at a few different CF gyms out around LA.

Apparently there was a show called the "WoDDiaries" last year that didn't get past funding as well. possibly NWFS

To note, I remember when StickIt came out and my girls went crazy for it (and my dad enjoyed it). I remember sending out an email to my fellow coaches trying to push support for "A Peaceful Warrior" especially as Dan Millman is out of Marin County as well (where I coached). I eventually watched "StickIt" and pretty much enjoyed it, especially because Jeff Bridges was the HeadCoach in it (and he's awesome).

Unfortunately "StickIt" only made 31 million in the box office with a budget of 30 million. Something I looked up recently. I thought it had done way better but being secluded in the gymnastic world sort of gave that false impression. I'm sure it did well in DVD sales and TV rights. "Bring It On" unfortunately did way better initially besides 4 straight to DVD sequels (one with Hayden Pattiere).
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