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Need advice and your thoughts!

I absolutely love Crossfit! I am 31 years old, 5'7" and 150 lbs. i started crossfit in April of 2012. I have never lifted any weights my entire life, however, i am relatively athletic. My main sports growing up were bowling and baseball and then ultimate frisbee in college. Unfortunately i was only able to do crossfit from April to October (6 months) about 3 to 4 days a week. During that timeframe here are a couple of my workout results...

Fran - 3:03
Angie - 18:48
Filthy Fifty - 21:35
Jackie - 7:10
Barbara - 18:41
Diane - 4:41
Murph (no vest) - 36:48
Max deadlift - 370lbs
Max Squat - 295lbs
Max press - 155lbs
Max push press - 205lbs
3RM Bench - 225lbs

I stopped in October when my second son was born and we just could not afford it. The Crossfit games are going on right now and I really feel that I could have been competitive if I would have continued and not stopped. What are your thoughts on that?

Additionally I am trying to incorporate home workouts at no or very low cost. I just built a parrallelette bar. I have garage space and patio space to do some workouts. Do you know of any cheap ways to make weights or build weights so maybe someday i can compete? Thanks
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