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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
That's part of the problem--you won't see GHD situps for a month, then a workout will pop up that calls for 100 or 150 of them, with no warning that you shouldn't try to do all of them unless you've built up your capacity for them.

Why don't people get this? It is really a simple concept.

Anyway, GHD situps are no more risky than olympic lifting or putting any weighted bar overhead for an exercise. The people who get injured doing GHD situps either do not have adequate coaches teaching them how to properly involve the exercise in their programming or they are too cocky to take it slow and easy for the first tries at it. I'm not going to get into a debate about CF main page programming and what not, but I will say that people need to learn how to modify programs individually. No one should do handstand pushups because "main page says so" if they cannot even hold themselves in the hand stand position for 30 seconds at least. I don't think main page expects everyone to either. I think they expect people to use common sense....WHO would have thought.

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