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So today I decided maybe I should try a full dip between bars. I set up my trusty car axles on cement blocks and tried to do a dip between them, with my feet on the floor. I lack flexibility in my right wrist due to 20-year-old surgery scars and arthritis; and this movement KILLED that wrist. I only have about 45 backward flex in that wrist. Has anyone else had a problem like this and will I ever be able to do 'real' dips? I am extremely weak still and don't think I could dip my 215# right now, but I am getting noticeably stronger and someday in the future would really like to be able to do a muscleup.

Some days I try to flex the wrist beyond it's capabilities and I do some flat palm pushups but I have noticed that I am unable to fully straighten that arm when doing so (due to the lack of flex). I guess my real question is, after 20 years is it too late to regain flexibility in that wrist? Is the surgical arthritis going to be too far advanced? I suppose I should see a doctor but as yet I do not have health insurance and cannot afford such a thing. Apologies for the long post and thank you for any advice/insight.
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