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Ah, "Exercise Science!" Go to ANY university in the USA and walk the halls of the P.E. department or Exercise Science and look around. It is a rare school that will welcome an athlete. In fact, usually, it is the last thing they want. When I was at Utah State, I found a prof who had written in an article that he was the assistant coach to Ralph Maughan during the "glory years" of Aggie throwing. He was a Phys Ed prof who had written dozens of booklets on teaching various sports.

Of course, Ralph Maughan was my coach, but Coach Maughan was "stingy" with his old stuff...files, films, I asked to talk to this guy.

At best, he had the level of information of our Team Manager. EVERYthing he wrote was stolen or, at best, oblique to real training.

Oh, I have no point here. Basically, if you want sports information, go to the track or the weightroom.

When I was at the United State Olympic Training Center in both 1990 and 1991, I was videoed and biomechanically analyzed...under great expense I was told. I asked one guy how to improve my technique.

Let me quote his answer:
"Try a cycle of anabolics and see if that helps."

The next summer, I started working with John Powell and Brian Oldfield. AFter one throw, they showed me that my right foot didn't turn in the middle and my head was shooting off the axis of that right foot...making me lose a LOT of feet and fouling all the time.

Take your pick, my friends. If someone's advice is to take drugs (What was it that Nancy Reagan said?), we call them a "pusher" back home. If someone watches you for a minute and fixes your technique...

You have a Coach.
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