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For the next few days, I think I might add random posts about the topic...but, I am just a touch too busy for a formal review of some of this discussion.

First point: whenever someone tells you that they "coached" an American athlete to the Olympics, you must stop and think. Did a five minute telephone call constitute "coaching" or does the person mean the full Alpha to Omega process of recruitment, grooming, tapering, peaking and teaching over a two to three decade relationship fullfil itself in an Olympic dream?

These are not the same thing! Anyone who tells you they "coached" 400 Olympians means that they talked or watched or BSed a superstar at some time of the process. There is literally not enough time in one life to "coach 400 Olympians."

Everyone misses this point: Just because you wrote a book or held a clinic does NOT mean you "coached" the athletes for their career.

No question Bondarchuk coached Yuri Sedyck. He almost killed a young Yuri...a soccer player...and Yuri saw the hammer and started to compete. At Montreal, Bondarchuk got the bronze and his pupil, the Gold.

That is coaching an Olympian! From seed to fruit, if you will.

Now, I had a mom ask me to teach his son the "basics" of lifting in the fifth grade. Three years later, he asked about the discus. Four years later, he was the National Leader in the High School Discus (Paul Northway). Yet, I saw a flyer for a discus clinic a year later where a local guy advertised that he had "coached Paul Northway." Everyone in the "know" laughed their asses off.

We here at this forum need to be in the "know." If you think about a guy like Joe Montana, the football player, certainly you can point to Bill Walsh. But, didn't Joe graduate and play for a rather famous college program, Notre Dame? Even in a superstar's ain't one coach.

I have bad news for people like myself...coaches. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken poop!

My point, and I have one, is that anytime you are challenged with the question: "How many Olympians have you coached?" you can laugh at the person asking the question.

Go to the single finest High School Football program in your area. Look at the record over the past five years...maybe 54 wins and no losses. Five state championships.

Ignore all that!

Look the head coach in the eye and say: "How many guys in the NFL from your school?" If he says "none," tell him point blank:

"You don't know nothing then!"

This, my friends, is idiocy...oh, and a real chance to get your *** kicked.

How many or how few Olympians "you have coached" is not the proof of a solid program!!!

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