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Hi Geoff,

Welcome to the board. I understand how you'd get the impression that the discussion was about Supertraining. Dr. Siff has the same problem. In fact, that's his problem with everything: it's not Supretraining.

No, Sir, the discussion was about CrossFit and specifically an interview I'd done for Girevik

He also inquired as to how many "Olympic winners" we'd worked with suggesting we've little experience with elite athletes. I never responded and I'm not sure what an "Olympic winner" is, but we've worked with numerous Olympians, Olympic medalists, repeat medalists, and repeat Gold medalists. We've had athletes collectively in possession of as many as six or seven Olympic Medals in our gym at the same time, and given our small venue this represents a density of "Olympic winners" that approaches the Olympic Podium itself at anthem time.

We make a difference by finding chinks in an atheltes armour by administering a, O.K. I'll go with it, GPP program. The weakness is found through administering routines (WOD, and others identical in impact) that are engineered to broadly and aggressivly tax general athetic capacity. Failures or weakness demonstrate the weakness and repeated exposure fixes them which enhances performance.

It is my contention that the bulk of sport specific S&C for most sports is best garnered through daily training within that sport and that nearly every athtlete has some weakness that is part of general physical capacity and is hindering improved performance. If anyone still believes in their complete and total physical capacity they need to come on by and meet the boys! You will be treated kindly, respetfully, and with great defference and then handed an ***-whopping that you'll never forget. We make friends that way! I'm not kidding.

We are perfect in but one respect, our committement to the athelte. Most if not all of what we do was stolen from people smarter than ourselves. It is only through open mindeness (stealing and amalgamating), persistence, and subjugating our colective egos to the needs of the community that we've won the successes and respect with which we've been blessed.

Thank you, all.

Coach Greg Glassman
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