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Brian Richards
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Hi Randy,
You know it's weird. It doesn't really cause me pain per se. I'm usually not aware that I've done something to strain it until after I've done it in which case it manifests as a dull ache radiating down into the groin usually the next day. It's more annoying than anything else. It makes me feel like I can't do anything with any real intensity. It sort of hobbles you in your core. Believe it or not I think I strained it a bit yesterday when I was changing my bed sheets. You know how you have to reach and stretch to get the fitted sheet on the mattress? I think that actually fired it up a bit. grrrrrr! As for jarring pain, I haven't done any jump rope(my usual cardio) since I noticed the injury but I can imagine that your guts bouncing down there could cause a strain along the inguinal area where the injury occurs. This could likely be what your feeling during running.
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