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Randy Roper
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About 5 weeks ago I was participating in Judo when I experience 'something' in both sides of my inner thighs. One of those times when you are warmed up and feel a pull but it doesn't hurt until later. The next day I was sore on both sides but not the sharp pain I've felt before with a pulled groin. It was more like DOMS type. It has not gone away. Once it's warmed up it's not too bad, but when cold, any sudden strain like catching myself from slipping on ice...ouch...Tried the usual, ice, rest, stretch bands etc. Also hurts just above the pelvic bone toward my hips on both sides. I'm thinking I've got a tendon problem rather than muscular. Has anyone experienced this? Any treatment suggestions? I've hurt just about everything at some point but this is a new one and is lasting longer..
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