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Jason Erickson
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Kris and Mikki -

The symptoms you describe may simply be the result of chronic muscle tension. If so, an intelligent program of mobilizing the tissues surrounding the affected joints may clear it up. What it will take to mobilize them depends on the source of the trouble.

If related to an injury (whether recent or old), the pattern of symptoms should be evaluated in person. If you want to take a shotgun approach instead, I suggest starting with the "Warrior Wellness" joint mobility program from RMAX (you can find into on my site), and also Kit Laughlin's "Overcome Neck & Back Pain" - a great resource on how to use PNF stretching, which I recommend at the end of your workouts.

If nutritional (possible imbalance in levels of calcium/magnesium/potassium), you would also need to address that. A good chiropractor can help with that, as might some other health pros.

Also consider finding a good therapeutic massage therapist that does sports massage. They will be able to get into the affected tissues and help you open them up for further mobilization.

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