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Re: GoRuck Sandbag

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
Honestly, 80-90# can feel a little light for carrying it on the shoulders and running, so I make the distances for the run longer. You can go for a while with 80-90#, like 400-800m per interval.

If you want a heavier burden run for a shorter distance (like 100-200m), then go for the heavier sandbag.

I think of the sandbag up to 90# for more metcon activities where the weight is lighter but you can keep moving and do more reps. For the different activites I use it for, the lighter sandbag suites my needs better. It feels too light for dragging (like this - wfs), but good for everything else I like to do.
I live like a 5 minute walk from the gym. Was thinking about getting it and throwing it on my back for my walks to and from. More steady state cardio type stuff, not sure if I'll be running with it or trying to do lots of different activities. Sounds like I might be better off getting the heavy one to be safe though. Thanks for the info.
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