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Re: Aman-DUH workout log

8/29 Deadlifts
Uber Anna is baaaack! training with her. She makes me want to do better. So, practiced turkish get-ups. Only did left arm since right was recovering from cortiisone. TG's are dumb...jus sayin. Yeah, they work stuff and look cool...but come on...dumbdumbdumb.

Deadlift based on long jump. Worked up 235, triples.*t. Only went to 215. Have no idea whats happening here.

Metcon - lots of 1-arm swings, hollow rocks and 1-arm presses. whomp whomp

8/30 SO TIRED. Skipped gym, went to dance practice for 3 hours.

8/31 Off today muf****a

9/1 It's september ya' did that happen? Was going to do some endurance work, but just wasn't up for it. Tummy is still the wonkster. Bloodwork and poo analysis being done. My guess is it's something only Dr. House can daignose.

9/2 Rain...sofa...slept till 10am

9/3 Running...practiced endurance run drills and went for short cops and robbers run. I feel like my form is on point. I know I was going fast but did not feel like I was working.

9/4 Had to skip workout since tummy was jacked. Did HAVE to go to dance though for 2 hours.

9/5 Deadlifts
Can't even talk about this. I keep rounding.'s just picking up a very heavy barbell Strouse...get it together already. Straight back, engage lats, foot through floor, butt back, squat then drop, chest up...oh, wait, maybe I'm thinking about it too much.
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