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Re: Aman-DUH workout log

Strict Press, up to peak of 1. started at 55' w/ 10' jumps. Failed at 95' which is my max anyway. So got 90'. Shoulder was BURNING, so I'll take it.

Skipped met-con since I had 2hrs of dance practice in front of me.

Off day. Shoulder hurt too bad. Plus my friend invited me to sit by the pool. I rode my bike to and from her house, so technically I got workout in of about 25 miles. Thats not much for me, but I guess it still counts.

Plan WAS to go to CFCC for the 50's but this was my first full day with no person to meet, no thing to do, no major plans...sometimes, a girl just needs a flippin day off. So that was today. Cleaned house, watched Hunger Games, napped, ate...bliss.

There is a field right near my house, like across the block. I thought it would be good to practice my CFE stuff. WELL, they had it all measured out like a football field cuz guess what...the high school football team practices there. WOOOOTT! So I did my running drills, did 15 pushups, then did 8x200's, holding pace with 10sec rest. Easy...workout done...but not really. I decided to lap the field once with each turn being a new drill. I got to the far end of the field and what do I see? PULL UP BARS. Muther freakin welded into the fence straight up old school pull up bars. I got on that **** of course. Strict to keep shoulder happy. Then, guess what else they had. BIG AZZ TIRES! Yep, I flipped it a bunch of times. Squat, lift, flip. What a great workout. I actually had total amounts of fun. Plus, the field is I got to run around in sports bra which isn't my normal M.O. I loved it. Going to do this ALOT more.

8/27 Monday
SICK..again..over it...stupid tummy issues. Dr appt for Thursday

8/28 Floor Press
Finally got my cortisone shot in shoulder. Only pressed the bar a bunch of times.
Metcon - 500m Row, 30 Push-ups, 30 Steps Single Arm KB (1.5/1) Overhead Walking Lunge (15L/15R), 30 Box Jumps (30/24), 16 Push-ups, 16 Steps Single Arm KB OH WLunge (8L/8R), 16 Box Jumps (30/24)
7' and change. Subbed hollow rocks for PU's and no weight for of course I smoked this workout. Felt like I was cheatin.
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