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When I try the OHS with a broom (actually, a 2" dia. closet rod), I get MAYBE to 45 degrees ABOVE parallel before I start to bend forward. I feel really tight in my lower back, just in the small-of-the-back area. I also feel it in my Achilles tendon and, surprisingly, in the muscle on the outside of my shins (the tibialis anticus, if I am looking at the correct one in my Gray's Anatomy).

When I try Eugene's suggestion of holding onto something while keeping back straight and squatting (by hooking my hands in my bathroom sink, standing very close to the cabinet then squatting), I feel it in my hips. Since I am not struggling to stay upright, I don't feel it in my back or as much in my shin.

Am I hopeless? Looks like a lifetime of desk-work and recliner living has caught up with me....

Veronica, when looking at your picture/avatar, in order for me to be that low I'd be on the balls of my feet (or "higher") to keep my back straight like that. To have my feet flat, I'd have to be leaning forward between my legs...if that makes any sense.

For my squats in the beginner's workout, I may just ditch the weight altogether and do my Bathroom Sink Squat (not to be confused with any other bathroom-based squats...).

knows much less than squat
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