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Re: 20+ Round Cindy

Originally Posted by Eric Cohen View Post
Upscaling, I'll do it for most workouts. I'll do regular situps if I'm trying to sprint through in something like Barbara or Annie. Do you recommend not?
Well...few things. GHD sit-up is a different exercise than a sit-up. The sit-up is in 'Angie' at that point for a reason (exercises get easier as the chipper continues - but you're more tired so the intensity stays relatively high)...A GHD isn't necessarily a scaled sit-up. It's just different.

I don't mess around with the 'Girls' or other benchmarks unless it's still Rx'd. Like I will switch around power clean and squat clean for 'Elizabeth' and next time I do 'Linda' I'll do squat cleans there (Normally do power cleans).

So It's not that I recommend 'Not to', I just look at the benchmarks as a snapshot of your fitness level. if it calls for sit-ups, do sit-ups.

That being said, do what you want!
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