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Re: JumpNRope R1 vs R1.X vs R2

Originally Posted by Joey Dussel View Post
I went from about 60 double unders unbroken to 190 in about 6 weeks using the R3 rope. It's heavier and you really have to keep good technique to be successful. It builds strength in the shoulder to.

Now, the R2 is my favorite rope. I like the feel of that rope and it's the one that one of the company owners used when she did 1400 double unders unbroken (yeah, fourteen's not a typo).

Finally, the R1 is super fast and light and is a great rope. The uncoated cable is even faster but won't be as durable (only an issue if you jump outside on pavement, etc.). I use the R2 for warm ups or WODs were jump rope isn't the focus, but the R1 on WODs like Annie. It seriously makes a difference.


*Full disclosure: I have a huge crush on JumpNRope ropes and I qualified for their 100 Club so I get ropes sent to me.
Nice post, thanks. I guess I'm trying to decide between R2 and R1.x, since I do some work outside. Any insights on R1.X?
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