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Re: Programming Advice

When I was doing 3x per week GSLP lifting I'd typically lift M/W/F and do a metcon after the W and F lifting, and sometimes on Saturday. You'll want to keep them in the 6-12 minute range, short and intense, and do them after your lifting so they don't affect your ability to lift heavy.

I'm a big fan of keeping them simple....KB swings, burpees, hill sprints, sled pushes, sandbag work, rowing repeats, etc. Basically movements that aren't skill dependent (i.e. high-rep Oly lifting would be a bad idea) and that won't mess up your recovery or leave you too sore for your next lifting day. So doing 100+ pullups and ripping your hands or doing 100+ wallballs and smoking your quads would not be the best way to go.
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