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Surprises from the games this year?

Just curious what about the games surprised you this year?

For me I was surprised by Holmberg, I'll admit I thought last year was a "fluke" and I never saw him as a serious threat, he made one hell of a comeback and even though he didn't make the podium (4th) he still impressed me.

I thought Bailey would do better. I am aware he came in 6th, but it was more what he struggled on I thought he'd do well on, 27th in the rope climb/clean event, and the struggle with the last part of the final event. I predicted him on the podium, so I was a little surprised.

Bridges impressed me the most, even after the online open thing he never really got much attention (not like Bailey did), but he certainly proved that he's a contender on many levels.

Lastly I predicted Malleolo as someone who could be the podium, 18th overall isn't really that close. Maybe the workouts didn't favour him but I thought he'd be up there.

That's all, anything about this weekend surprise you, good or bad?

I will add I am not surprised by how Froning did.
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