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Re: Shoulder External and Internal rotation confusion

Originally Posted by Dana Rice View Post
Not trying to hijack the thread here, but I would be very interested to get Lincoln or Robert's (or anyone who is experienced really) opinion on some good ways to improve external rotation mobility. I have searched Mobility WOD, but I am curious on your opinions on what you think are some really good movements/stretches to improve this. Mainly looking for something I can do alone either at home or just prior to lifting. I have bands.

Take a broomstick/PVC. Stand like you were going to throw something with your right arm(that movement is ext. rotation). Put the stick in your right arm, and the rest going down towards the floor, the stick should lay behind your arm. Grab the stick with your left hand, underneath your right arm. Using your right arm as the fulcrum, pull the stick with your left arm, thus bringing your right shoulder into greater external rotation.
I would recommend contracting the right arm to resist that movement(hold 2-3s), then repeat the stretch.

Repeat on other arm.
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