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well.... herein lies a fundamental CF dilemma.

personally, I don't like the use of o-lifts in metabolic conditioning IF you ever intend to develop them very well--there's no way you can maintain ideal technique when that fatigued, so you're just neurologically ingraining poor technique (an exception might be someone who prior to CF had already developed o-lifting technique to a high degree).

if competitive or at least high-level o-lifting is not an interest of yours, then it doesn't really matter. and if that's the case, the issue in my mind becomes one of physics - work/power.

if you power clean + push jerk during grace, you're greatly reducing the ROM, and therefore the work performed. however, the reduction of the ROM means a much faster time, which MAY result in an ultimately greater power output. the numbers would have to be run for an individual performing the workout each way to know for sure.

if you're wanting to compare your times to the community and the top scorers in particular, you have to keep in mind that they're power cleaning and push-jerking--they're trying to make the movements as efficient as possible to get through it as fast as possible. if you're going to go head-to-head with the likes of Josh Everett, you better find every possible way to improve efficiency.

bottom line: perform the movements according to your own goals
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