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Re: Testosterone test confliction

Your assistance is so greatly appreciated...
Having your background and knowledge of physical fitness is a huge asset. The doctor became a little "testy" when asked questions including why the levels conflicted and why my choice of outlet (squats, deads - heavy stuff) wouldnt in fact help these matter's.

I thought lifting heavy things assisted in the testosterone production / release?
He couldnt answer this which resulted in a quiet standoff....

As far as nutrition I didnt think it was too bad but please anyone correct me in where to change or look if willing... Alcohol based on your description above is no threat, I drink minimal and it was weeks prior to the test the last drink was consumed...

I have asked for a second test after fasting so the fatty acid from breakfast did not conflict with the results and will ask for your assisstance again soon.

I second that Jay, Frank is a great asset to the CF boards

Kind Regards
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