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I did the Double-Unders and the Push Press workouts back to back, and I did better on the Push Press than I thought I would. Not great, but better than I thought I would, and it occurred to me that the Double-under movement, under fatigue, for me, is almost exactly like the start of the Push Press. I have to jump like hell, and yell and grunt, and it hurts, and it's hard.

This led to the further thought that the Repetitive Effort concept is applied extensively through the WOD's. Almost nobody can straight set everything without difficulty, which means you reach the point of momentary failure, or verge of failure. This is the Repetitive Effort method.

Tonight, my legs will fail on the Tabata Squats. They just will, they will stop moving correctly and responding readily to my will. This is the Repetitive Effort method. This is a big part of how us big guys maintain strength without lifting big weights all the time. We're lifting RELATIVELY (to our capacity) maximal loads all the time.
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