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It takes some practice (100s of skinfold tests) to become accurate and consistant with the skinfold calipers. It is also difficult to test someone with alot of bodyfat. There are alot of other methods of testing, but you know your not where you want to be and you know your better than last year! how do your clothing fit? How do you look in the mirror? Rather than make weight loss goals or %bodyfat goals, why not make preformance goals. ie I will read Mastering The Zone. I will eat 5 balanced Zone meals a day. I will complete the WOD at least three times a week, etc. Focus on things you cold do rather than bodyfat numbers and the bodyfat will drop. Diet is very important and (as you know) it's going to take time. Good luck and keep us posted. . .Cute kid (I've got one just a little older).
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