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Adam Del Vecchio
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Today I was out for a walk around the neighborhood and on my way back and decided to see how fast I could run the last mile to my house. I run very rarely, pretty much just when a WOD calls for it and have only run the mile for time a half dozen times in my life. All but one of those times were about 6+ years ago in middle/high school in gym class or during track, I was a sprinter/jumper so didn't run that far very often. Back then my fastest time was somewhere around 6:45. Well on todays run, wearing slacks and light hiking boots, I managed 6:15 without to much effort. I think I probably could have gotten under 6 in my running shoes and with a warm up. And again thats with no running other then that included in the WOD. I suppose that would not be terribly impressive for a runner but I was pretty happy with the results.
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