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Brandon Oto
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Hi all,

I'd been having some general knee pain that was fairly ubiquitous -- it waxed and waned but was present in some form most of the time -- kind of general and all around the knees. I saw a coach (Brendan from CFSC, actually) and he worked on improving my squat form -- getting me farther back and keeping my knees from going forward -- and I've been squatting that way since then.

Problem: the pain I was having before is essentially gone, but now it's moved. Now I'm experiencing a more local pain, seems to be right behind my patellas, and it's more present when I put load on the legs (as opposed to a continous ache, as before). For example, when I sit with my feet propped on something and my legs horizontal and unsupported, it starts to bug my knees, and the other day I started to do some ergs to warm up, and after about three my left knee warned me off. Some transitory pain occasionally when twisting and such too.

Not sure if this might be temporary? Adjustment thing? Squatting doesn't feel all that comfortable either, but I assumed it wouldn't.

Any thoughts? Could it still be form? Do I need to see a doc?

Thanks much,

- Brandon
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