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I was diagnosed (through an MRI) with 2 undisplaced tears in the labrum (cant remember exactly where and the report is @ work) as well as some other shoulder issues as a result of numerous subluxations. I consulted an upper limb orthopeadic surgeon who said he could do surgery and explained what he would do. I asked him if it was necessary and he simply said "No". That IMHO is very rare for a scapel man. They usually say "Yeah, we just need to go in, have a look around. Do a bit of this and that and you'll be fine in about 6-12 mths." Needless to say, I didn't go under the knife and have continued CrossFit without a problem (with my shoulders anyway), although I am mindful of warming them up properly, doing rotator cuff exercises and stretching the area. My totally unqualified, non-expert opinion is to get an MRI to find out exactly what's goin on in there and then consult an ortho who specializes in shoulders. Then you will be in a good position to determine your next step. Oh and as Garrett says, contact him. I'm guessing he knows far more than me.
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