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Ryan, you beat me to this one. You are an amazing recovery story, I have to say! You're just about a year from surgery now, if I recall correctly, yes?

Ari, my story is similar to Ryan's. Different from yours in that we both had complete ACL tears and reconstructive surgery, but we had some good conversations on this board about our rehab and recovery work that you may find applicable, or at least adaptable, to your situation. If you use the search feature, with ACL as a keyword, you should turn up our threads, as well some others on the topic.

Good luck. In a nutshell, I'd say do your PT, gradually work back up to full movements and weight lifting, let pain be your guide, and be really careful with (i.e. avoid) ballistic, open-chain kind of stuff until it heals and is stable. Oh, and ice is your friend.

Let us know what you do & how it goes.
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