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After believing that I really had no "sweet-tooth" problem like most people, I felt very fortunate for prefering my coffee black and my carb sources not to be overly sweet (fruits etc.).

So my conclusion was that I was more than likely to stick to my nutritional habits for the rest of my life-I mean if I watch those sweets with disgust almost, how could my diet not be safe for the future?

Then I realized that my usual post-meal habit, of popping one spearmint gum was really starting to get out of hand. Gradually, I started going through pack after pack. Thinking about it, I first thought that what was driving it was probably my preference to having a fresh breath after all the spices and meats/fish I consume.

Then I stumbled onto this article
and realized that "fresh" was probably a euphemism for "sweet".

So, the choice is clear-no more gum or listerine strips. Is there any other way though for maintaining a fresh breath without the use of some form of "sweetener"? Never really thought about this before, but is "good" breath bound to be sweet?
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