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Re: What are the 9 Foundational Movements?


When we teach the SDHP at certs (by the way, the HP stands for High Pull, so it would make sense that you would see it that way, however the impetus for the movement are the hip extensors through the core and to the traps, not the arms. As far as seeing someone hold the top position in videos, I haven't seen them and really don't care what they show... There are millions of videos showing bad form, even if it is called good form. The top position is meant to be reached and released immediately. The videos where people stop at the top are just showing the top of the move. I am in no way trying to be rude, but you asked a question and several people have provided you similar answers. If you are looking for validation of how this movement is messed up, look somewhere else. As far as people performing an upright row, last time I read Muscle and Fiction, this was an isolated contraction of the traps with zero hip involvement whatsoever. If this is what you saw, then the person was either doing an upright row as you suggest or was doing something else that wouldn't be described as a Sumo Dead Lift High pull by the powers that be at CrossFit.

As far as hundreds of olympic weightlifters learning their moves without the SDHP, I understand. People used to make cars without airbags too, but then we saw a better way and adapted, there is no reason to believe that this shouldn't be done in the exercise phys world either. As far as what Rip says, (before I go here, let me say that I worship that guy for his integrity, candor and most of all his knowledge) lot's of people teach things differently. He has historically taught the hang power clean differently than Coach Burgener, does that make him wrong... I doubt it. CrossFit has found this movement as a good one to bring a smooth transition to the Oly lifts for non athletes. Teaching a 50 year old woman is different than teaching the starting QB at Rice. We find this to be more efficient and, as I explained before, more functional/ intuitive.
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