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Re: What are the 9 Foundational Movements?

Yes well I guess we could be picky with the wording we choose ... Yes it is the basics of the Crossfit lifts ...but those lifts also tremendously helps with all the other movements , so we could also say they are the basics of the Crossfit movements in my opinion :P

I'm not sure im answering much of your question tho, but with those you pretty much cover the pushing basis , pulling basis as well as the whole body recruitment basis ( with the squats)

I was as well surprised when I was first introduced to those 9 movements but the more I've been using them and thinking about them the more I see how they all impact pretty much all we do. Again those are only the basis, lots of other skill are to be practiced and mastered.
"The results are in the intensity. The magic is in the movement. The art is in the programming."
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