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Re: Military says You’re Too Flabby For CrossFit


As of August 31, 2010, 7,819 American soldiers have been wounded in action in Afghanistan, and 1,188 Americans were killed. Approximately 95 of those killed were due to IEDs. So, about 8%.

The news doesn't really give an accurate account for much of anything these days.

Originally Posted by Troy Becker View Post
A good statement as to the pathetic state of our society. Also, do these trainers know how to SCALE???
Probably not, not right now at least. Military mentality would lead to DI's over-training recruits. "What the do you mean Fran with 45 pounds? We are not we will not being doing a 5 minute workout and then stopping, we will do consecutive Fran's for 1 hour because we are not ." Ensuing hilarity as obese 18 year olds collapse and die while being yelled at and called foul names.

Every day on this forum I read how globo's opening CF classes will be the end of the world because their trainers aren't good enough / the classes are too big for that personal level of training -- just imagine a DI trying to push some out of shape kids too hard -- and in Basic those kids don't have the option to slow down if they get hurt / tired.

Nope, I agree with the cautious ones, having seen kids in the USMC get exercised into the hospital and worse -- study it, make sure the trainers are properly trained first, and use it as a tool after Basic to hone combat fitness. Bludgeoning fat kids with poorly implemented high intensity training won't do any good.

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