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Re: Patella femoral syndrome

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
In all honesty, it's difficult to assess without every actually seeing you. My main point when we assess someone is, just because it's tight, doesn't mean anything. Just because something tests weak, does not mean it needs to be strengthened. Unfortunately, the human body is more complex than that.
Yea I understand, that's the frustrating part about it. The Docs and PTs I've seen don't all say the same thing as far as a diagnosis. One doc wanted me to do hip strengthening and nothing else, a PT wanted me to do leg extensions which are terrible for knees...I've had more luck using google and Internet forums than the so called professionals. I got lucky with a surgeon because he works out and understands knee issues and he also confirmed to do hamstring and glute work, but like you said, it could be something else due to the complexity of the body.
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