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Re: Bill's CF Log-o-Fun


Crossfit Totals

385 Squat
165 Overhead
405 Deadlift

955 Total

I actually consider myself a stronger squatter than deadlifter, so I was a bit surprised how things ended up. I haven't squatted heavy in about two years, so it's understandable that I had trouble finding my groove. It still felt pretty good, and I'm confident it'll be in the mid 400's soon.

The overhead also felt pretty good. When I do these, getting to the halfway point is easy, and after the halfway point it is easy. The only sticking point in this lift for me is the transition right when the bar is at the top of my head. After that, it's gravy.

Deadlift felt very good. All my warmups felt solid and perfectly in the groove. In weeks past, I've felt too loose and was disappointed in my weakness. Today though I kept thinking about one of the songs on the Conan soundtrack that takes me back. 405 flew up, and I felt I could have handled around 430. Maybe next time...I was happy with that for now.

As much as I hate running distance, I'd better go pound out some miles. Then it's chow time!
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