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Re: Zone recipe ideas

There's supposed to be a bunch in the book: Mastering the Zone. I'm not speaking from experience here though.

My current favorite morning recipe is:

-Egg Whites (use however many equals your protein blocks for breakfast)
-Coconut Oil (your fat intake)
-A dash of water (or heavy cream if you adjust your fat intake and want to use an unfavorable fat)
-1 Tbsp cinnamon
-Applesauce (use your carb blocks for this) - or substitute pureed fruit (just use a blender, no sugar adding) equaling your carb blocks.

Whip together everything but the fruit, cook like you would an omelette. For whatever reason, it tastes more like a crepe than an omelette to me. Slather the applesauce/fruit puree on top and enjoy.

Of course, I'm REALLY new to the Zone, but that's one of my favorites right now.
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