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"Performance Drop" for dietary tweaking

I adopted the advice to go baseline Zone diet with the idea of maintaining it until I am very lean and then increasing my fat blocks. The other often discussed factor is performance drop indicating increased fat blocks. Well my metcons have been doing fine. My strength has started to drop. My front squat is down about 10%, my press is down about 5%, and my deadlift is down 14%. Now the only standards by which I am strong is those of people who don't exercise regularly so I take these drops seriously. I view this as the sign that I need to up the calories. Anyone have a different opinion? I should also add that I went on a weeklong service trip that required me to eat what was provided and between that week, and a weekend of violent vommiting afterwards, I had dropped 10 pounds that did not rebound within the next couple of weeks like I had hoped. So I sit at around lets say 12% bodyfat. Should I follow the advice to lean out to below 8% or should I follow my instincts that say eat more already your skinny enough as it is?
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