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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
thank you for the clarification. That, i also agree with. Im sure there is a great deal of strength training, multiple Wods a day, and skill work involved. I just found his post to be irrelevant to my thread. I never implied that following the mainsite wod only, would make you elite. my point in this thread was to stimulate opinions on whether the elite level athletes succeed because of sport background.
So at that point, if doing 1 mainsite wod a day for 3 days on 1 off isn't going to get you there, you have to ask what will.

2 mainsite wods a day? 3 mainsite wods per day?

I think most people would agree not.

Probably something more like:
Strength work
Speed Work
Skill Practice

...scheduled appropriately as to not interfere with each other with adequate rest time (essentially some periodization).

....which is basically what happens in the strength and conditioning programs (pro or collegiate sports) these folks come into crossfit from anyway.

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